Pardon/Record Suspension Services

A Record Suspension formerly know as a Pardon, is required to remove your criminal record. Is your criminal record getting in the way of:

  • Your career

  • Promotions

  • Volunteering/ coaching

  • Denied custody 

  • Travel

  • Unable to be Bonded

  • Unable to obtain a citizenship

  • Immigration

  • Turned away at the border

  • Personal development and forgiveness 

We can help you resolve these barriers by obtaining a record suspension. Canada Pardon Group will aid you with any or all these areas of concern. Our team of client service professionals will work with you, and all Provincial and Federal organizations to collect all the documents required for an unsurpassed application.

Packages and Services

Canada Pardon Group offers a comprehensive selection of record suspension packages that are tailored to fit common circumstances starting at only $400. That is the best pricing in Canada.


We also have the capacity to offer custom tailored package options based on the information you provide us. 

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Pardons in Canada – FAQs

For your convenience we have assembled some of the most frequently asked questions when dealing with Pardons in Canada. Please visit out FAQ page if your question is not answered here, or contact us for further information.

If you would like to inquire or apply for a pardon in Canada, CPG can help. We have

several different avenues to proceed in such as:

  • applying online

  • calling for a free consultation

  • emailing us for more information


Pardon eligibility and wait times for your Pardon

If you would like to inquire or apply for a pardon in Canada, you will need to ensure you meet the eligibility requirements in order to proceed.

Eligibility is based on several factors surrounding your charges, location of charges and the severity. Factors include but are not limited to the following:

  • Severity of the conviction

  • When the conviction occurred

  • Where the conviction occurred


We always recommend that you call our consultations services, even if it is only for inquiry purposed to determine eligibility.

How long does it take to get a pardon?

If you would like to inquire or apply for a pardon in Canada, it is important to understand it is not an overnight process. The average time frame for a pardon is between 6 – 18. The factors explained above in eligibility, will also play a role in the time it takes to gather the needed information for each leg of the process. They will also determine the extent of paperwork and information needed in order to proceed to the next legs of the 8-step, 28+ page process.

What are the costs associated with a Pardon?

If you would like to inquire or apply for a pardon in Canada, it is important to understand that there are costs associated along the way. CPG has several packages available at the lowest prices in Canada in order to assist you with offsetting the overall cost of the pardon.

Additional costs include:

  • $631 cost to the Parole Board of Canada (not applicable for Bill C-93 simple cannabis pardons)

  • $25-40 cost to the local police station

  • $50-75 cost for fingerprinting services

Overall costs associated are approximately $1500 for a pardon which is spread across the legs of the process.

To further assist you with the cost CPG offers:

  • An upfront full payment plan

  • A minimum start fee of $250 to get started on your pardon, with a scheduled remainder of the fee to be agreed upon plan

  • A payment plan option to be agreed upon

Can I expedite my Pardon in Canada?

Pardons are approved by the Parole Board of Canada only and there are no ways to push a pardon ahead of the pack. All documents and legs of the process take time as the government agencies review the submitted paperwork. If you encounter any companies advertising an expressed or quickened pardon, please be weary as the time frame can not be adjusted.

The only exception to this is the simple cannabis pardon under Bill C-93. These pardons are expressed through the system with the legalization of marijuana in Canada.

How to apply for a Pardon in Canada…

If you would like to apply for a pardon in Canada there are a few ways to do so:

  • D-I-Y: You are able to process a pardon application on your own. The only step you cannot do yourself is fingerprinting. We offer a D-I-Y package with all forms and steps needed to obtain a pardon on your own.

  • Work with a lawyer: You are able to hire a lawyer to work on your pardon, but be aware that the costs of lawyers are significantly higher then needed for a pardon application. You do not require any formal law degrees in order to perform a pardon in Canada.

  • Use a third-party facilitator such as Canada Pardon Group: If the above methods do not sound appealing, or you are unable to afford the costs of a lawyer (approximately $3000-$7000) than a third-party facilitator such as Canada Pardon Group may be your most effective method. Contact our Client Services Professionals for more information and to get started.



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